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Our pet services

Hollycroft Veterinary Centre offers a variety of services for your pet


As with all other veterinary practices, we offer a 24-hour veterinary emergency service.

During normal hours, you can pop in with your poorly pet at any time, although we would appreciate it if you could call ahead to let us know to ensure that we have staff available.

Outside normal opening hours we use the dedicated veterinary emergency service 'Vetcall' who are located just off the A47 on the Hinckley side of Leicester. Please telephone 01455 616 012 to confirm the contact details of the duty veterinary surgeon when required. They will discuss any problems, arrange a time to be seen, if required, and give directions to get there.
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pet services
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Home visits

Our vets can visit your home in Hinckley, Nuneaton and the surrounding areas.

This service is only available during our normal opening hours. Please note, an additional charge applies for this service and it is usually much better if your ill pet can be seen at the surgery as we have the complete range of equipment and medications available.

Please telephone 01455 616 012 for advice.
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Our main services

Repeat Prescriptions
If your pet is on long-term medication, we can supply repeat prescriptions. By law and in your pets best interest, we will need to regularly monitor your pet's health in order to confirm it is still the correct and most appropriate medication.

Microchipping provides a way to always identify your pet, and will soon be a legal requirement for dogs. Our staff are all fully qualified to perform this procedure at the Hollycroft Veterinary Centre.

If needed, we can refer your pet's case to a specialist. We have connections with Cambridge and London Veterinary Schools, the Animal Health Trust and various other local experts.

Euthanasia and Aftercare
Unfortunately, in some situations, the best option for your pet is euthanasia. We handle these cases with sensitivity, with a private room, and try to provide as much support as possible. If you wish, we can also arrange your animal's cremation.

Export of pets and issuing of pet passports
David Summers and Max Eaves are legally permitted to deal with the import and export of pets, including the issuing of pet passports for international travel.
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Veterinary Nursing

Nursing Appointments
Nurses can assist with diet, training and physiotherapy for your pet.

Nurse Training Centre
We are also a nurse training centre, developing nursing talent and providing budding nurses with a means to gain full qualifications and get first-hand experience.

Behaviour Counselling
We work with a dog behaviour specialist, who can advise on your dogs' behavioural traits such as aggression and anxiety.
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Reception Opening Times

Mon - Fri

Consulting Times

Mon - Fri
9:00 am - 11:30 am 
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
5:00pm - 7:00pm 
9:00 am - 11:30 am
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm 

We can deal with any treatment your pet may need.
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